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Land Clearing

Land Clearing Company

For land clearing, we use high-power equipment to remove any or all trees, stumps, and brush you want cleared. We can pull or push shrubs and trees ranging from small to large using our Intimidator. This method disturbs the soil more but has its place depending on your goals.

Tractor Services

Land clearing makes overgrown acreage more accessible. It also makes it more appealing, and by removing unwanted or decaying plant matter, property value increases.

Some other benefits include:


Land clearing is necessary if you want to clear a property of both above-ground vegetation and its root systems. We recommend this if you want to completely clear a property for:

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“We are very pleased with the wildfire prevention work on our property. Looks and feels so much better. Great company to work with.”
- R W.
“Did a fantastic job. We now have property that we haven't seen or able to use in over 20 yrs. Fire fuel reduced. Very professional & pleasure to talk with. Thank you.”
- Gwen Kevin H.
“We are very pleased with Ben at Backwoods Forestry Mulching! Not only did he come and give us a quote on the spot, he took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted. He offered great advice and feedback on our ideas as well as shared his expertise on the trees and bushes on our property. Ben requested a fair price and really helped us jumpstart outside projects on our new construction home. We will greatly benefit from his advice to create a fire break around our property. He worked fast and efficiently, even fitting us in his schedule much earlier than expected. We will definitely hire him in the future when we need his services again.”
- Amy F.
“We had some very thick trees where the ground had not seen the sun in decades. Even after living, it did not clear these out. In one day, we had 2-3 acres clear and mulched. This would have taken us months to do by hand. It was fantastic and worth every penny! Now our critters can freeze without the threat of predators hiding in the dark forest. Thank you! C. Morgan, Heron, Mt.”
- Cindy M.
“Backwoods Forestry Mulching is awesome! Ben came to our property and gave us a thorough assessment and estimate, then mulched nearly 10 acres of our forested property in two days. He did it in a way that actually increased the health of our forest, aided our timber management plan and opened it up so we could actually enjoy it. My wife and I found Ben to be extremely up front, hard working and a true expert in his field. If anyone needs a mulching service, we highly recommend Backwoods Forestry Mulching!.”
- Chad H.

Did You Know?

When having your property forestry mulched, it’s also an ideal time to limb up your trees. While we’re there, we can use our pole saw to remove the lower branches on your trees, from the ground to about 8–10 feet up. For residential neighborhoods, limbing the trees provides better clearance for vehicles or pedestrians. It also lets more sunshine reach the area surrounding trees, helping grass grow in thicker. For heavily wooded locations, tree limbing reduces fire risk.
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